Bring history to life and get a real insight into the private lives of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their children at Osborne. Explore their home and cover multiple aspects of the curriculum across numerous subjects in a fun and engaging way. Enjoy a free self-led visit, and using our free resources such as our activity trails and Outdoor Explorer’s Kit, learn more about the key features of Osborne. Go below stairs and discover what life as a servant was like as part of an award-winning Discovery Visit, with Queen Victoria’s Housekeeper Mrs Smith, or choose from two other interactive sessions which delve into the world of Victorian explorers and the Royal children.

KEY TOPICS: 7, 11, 13, 17, 18, 19, IWL, A, AH

Key Topics

1: Pre Romans  2: Romans 3: Medieval 4: Tudors 5: Stuarts 6: Georgians 7: Victorians 8: 20th Century 9: Defence 10: World Wars 11: Children 12: Transport 13: Domestic Homes 14: Smuggling 15: Work/Agriculture 16: Evidence/Archaeology 17: Local History 18: Other Topics 19: Change & continuity

A: Art AH: Agriculture/Horticulture DT: Design/Technology M: Maths EVS: Environmental Studies G: Geography IVL: Imaginative Writing, Literature SCI: Science PA: Physical Activity W: Wildlife & Animals