The Island’s first and only Football Golf course!

What is Football golf? Football Golf uses the same rules as golf but instead players don’t use a club, they kick a ball with the fewest number of kicks/shots possible to score in the hole.

Our 18-hole Football Golf course is a great and easy choice for a school visit. This activity is great fun and caters to a wide range of skills and abilities – it is what you make it. For some students it will be a serious competition – for others it will simply be great fun and a chance to have a laugh with peers.

KEY TOPICS: 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, EVS, PA, W

Key Topics

1: Pre Romans  2: Romans 3: Medieval 4: Tudors 5: Stuarts 6: Georgians 7: Victorians 8: 20th Century 9: Defence 10: World Wars 11: Children 12: Transport 13: Domestic Homes 14: Smuggling 15: Work/Agriculture 16: Evidence/Archaeology 17: Local History 18: Other Topics 19: Change & continuity

A: Art AH: Agriculture/Horticulture DT: Design/Technology M: Maths EVS: Environmental Studies G: Geography IVL: Imaginative Writing, Literature SCI: Science PA: Physical Activity W: Wildlife & Animals