Set against the backdrop of National Landscape, Brading Downs, and overlooking Sandown Bay, Brading Roman Villa is an award-winning museum and visitor centre. Stretching from the 2nd to the 4th Century, the Villa ruins and artefacts from various excavations give a clear picture of the agricultural background of the people that lived there, whilst also exploring the lives of the Celts who came before them and the Victorians who discovered them. The sea also played a major part in the success of trade in the area. Exploring the fine mosaics is a must – especially if you want to see something unique to Roman Britain – our cockerel headed man. So if you’re exploring the impact of the Romans on the Isle of ‘Vectis’ then Brading Roman Villa is the place to start.

We have educational workshops and trails to suit your needs, alongside plenty of space for outdoor activity and exploration.

7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, DT, G, SCI, PA, EVS

Key Topics

1: Pre Romans  2: Romans 3: Medieval 4: Tudors 5: Stuarts 6: Georgians 7: Victorians 8: 20th Century 9: Defence 10: World Wars 11: Children 12: Transport 13: Domestic Homes 14: Smuggling 15: Work/Agriculture 16: Evidence/Archaeology 17: Local History 18: Other Topics 19: Change & continuity

A: Art AH: Agriculture/Horticulture DT: Design/Technology M: Maths EVS: Environmental Studies G: Geography IVL: Imaginative Writing, Literature SCI: Science PA: Physical Activity W: Wildlife & Animals