Martin Simpson - Fossil Man

Martin will give a small but exciting talk about dinosaurs and fossils which are frequently found on the Isle of Wight. Static and visual displays can be seen at his centre which is based on the west coast of the Island.

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Martin Simpson - Fossil Man - Isle of Wight - Educational School Trips

KEY TOPICS: 1, 8, 16, 17, 18, 19, EVS, G, M, SCI, W.

Model Village Godshill

Nestling behind the walls of the old vicarage in Godshill is one of the islands most popular attraction. Set in 1½ acres of landscaped gardens this is a perfect location for school parties to view the island in miniature. There is a detailed quiz on the web site for school children to follow.

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Model Village Godshill - Isle of Wight - Educational School Trips

KEY TOPICS: 17, 18, AH, DT, G.

Monkey Haven

A fantastic new attraction on the Island and for Isle of Wight Experience. The Owl and Monkey haven is a new build full of animals and birds that have moved to the Haven for a safe and happy environment. The animals and birds go to Haven when they have nowhere else to go. With its educational centre and interaction, this venue offers a great insight in the Monkeys and Owls life style and how they use their wonderful purpose built surrounding to their advantage. Site offers a lunching / picnic area. Open all year.

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Monkey Haven - Isle of Wight - Educational School Trips


1: Pre Romans

2: Romans

3: Medieval

4: Tudors

5: Stuarts

6: Georgians

7: Victorians

8: 20th Century

9: Defence

10: World Wars

11: Children

12: Transport

13: Domestic Homes

14: Smuggling

15: Work/Agriculture

16: Evidence/Archaeology  17: Local History

18: Other Topics

19: Change & continuity


A: Art

AH: Agriculture/Horticulture

DT: Design/Technology

M: Maths

EVS: Environmental Studies

G: Geography

IWL: Imaginative Writing, Literature

SCI: Science,

PA: Physical Activity

W: Wildlife & Animals

KEY TOPICS: 15, 17, 19, G, EVS, W.

Monkey Madness

Biggest Softplay on the Island Coming soon

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Needles Old Battery

This spectacularly sited cliff-top fort, in the care of the National Trust, has the best views of the Needles Rocks and a fascinating military history. Built in 1862 following the threat of a French invasion, the Old Battery contains exhibitions about its involvement in both World Wars evocatively brought to life by cartoons. The parade ground has two original gun barrels and a tunnel leads to a searchlight emplacement perched above the Needles. The New Battery houses an exhibition about the secret rocket tests carried out there as part of Britain’s race for space. Pre-booked school visits are welcome at both sites.

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KEY TOPICS: 7, 8, 9, 10, 17, 18, 19, DT, EVS, G, SCI, M.

Newport Roman Villa

An excellent example of a winged-corridor house from approximately 1800 years ago. One of the best preserved domestic bath suites in the country. An exhibition of objects discovered at Newport Villa and at other Island illustrating the way of life of the well-to-do farm owner. Several superb reconstructions based on the latest archaeological evidence.

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Newport Roman Villa - Isle of Wight - Educational School Trips

KEY TOPICS: 1, 2, 13, 16, 17, 19, SCI, DT, A, IWL, M.

Osborne House

Bring history to life and get a real insight into the private lives of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their children at Osborne. Their home can teach many aspects of the curriculum across numerous subjects in a fun and engaging way. Enjoy a free self-led visit or get hands-on with history as part of a Discovery Visit, led by the formidable (and wonderful) costumed interpreter Mrs Pilkington. During the session your pupils will step into the world of a servant and discover what life was like below stairs.


As home to one of the most well-known Queens of England, Osborne house and estate has a lot to offer educationally.  Albert was a great forward thinker and this is apparent across the estate. This provides many possible curriculum links across numerous subjects including:

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Osborne House - Isle of Wight - Educational School Trips

KEY TOPICS: 7, 11, 13, 17, 18, 19, IWL, A, AH.

Pirates Cove 18 Hole Crazy Golf

The Pirates Cove Crazy Golf is the Isle of Wight’s newest outdoor golf experience with great features along the way including pirates, a waterfall, fountains, a cave, palm trees and fully rigged pirate ship. You can test your skill and even win the ‘treasure’ of a free game. the 18-hole Crazy Golf course is open from 9am daily and providing the weather holds out, the last game will be at 9pm in the summer season and 6pm in the winter.

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Pirates Cove 18 Hole Crazy Golf - Isle of Wight - Educational School Trips


Ready Steady Beach

Join us for an educational, fun-packed 2-hours on Sandown Beach. Our experienced leaders will split your pupils into four groups.

They will then take part in a variety of activities including Beach Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, a Treasure Hunt and Sand Sculpture competition.

We structure it so that all the children are involved at all times.

Points are awarded for each event, and at the end an overall winner is announced!

Your pupils will have a unique opportunity to discover new sports and learn about the beach environment.

We make sure all members of the team are actively involved at all times, and are able to contribute to the team’s overall score.

The session culminates with a short ‘medal ceremony’, where members of the winning team each receive a small prize!

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Ready Steady Beach - Isle of Wight - Educational School Trips

River Yar Study Led by Ranger

This is a 2 hour guided walk by an estuary ranger, covering all aspects of River life, flora and fauna, also to include estuary environmental studies.

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KEY TOPICS: 15, 17, 19, AH, EVS, G, SCI.

Robin Hill Country Park

With some incredible day and night time experiences to be found throughout the season, Robin Hill Country Park is the perfect destination for visitors of all ages. Set in 88 acres of beautiful countryside, the park provides fun, adventure and great family experiences.

Offering a fantastic blend of rides, falconry and adventure play for fun loving families and children, and relaxing woodland gardens, ponds and walks for discerning adults to enjoy, there is something for everyone at Robin Hill.

Plus during every school holidays, we host extra fun and entertainment for all the family! Don’t miss the chance to join us for one of our spectacular ‘electric woods’ events, and see our ancient woodlands beautifully illuminated.

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Robin Hill Country Park - Isle of Wight - Educational School Trips

KEY TOPICS: 8, 12, 15, 17, 18, EVS, G, SCI, PA, AH, W, IWL.

Ryde Superbowl & Lazer Quest - Isle of Wight - Educational School Trips

Ryde Superbowl & Lazer Quest

Have a fun packed session of 10 pin bowling at Ryde Superbowl. Groups of 6 per lane. Shoes and balls are provided, if you require bumpers please inform the staff when booking in. Loads of fun, can also be an evening activity. Lazer Quest offers great team building skills with action and adventure, with a running leader board.



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